Hello! I've had many weed cartridges over the last two years with varying quality. Some were great tasting, great highs, and lovely to vape. Some were just ok and nothing special. I'm also very knowledgable about the Cannabis Plant and have many years of consuming under my belt, lol. However, I stumbled upon an issue that I could use some experienced growers/producers to answer.

Yesterday, I tried another seller/producer of cartridges and it was my first time trying his product. It's bad. It tastes exactly like a weed vaporizer after the cannabis has dried and all the cannabinoids evaporated. It is almost like eating burnt popcorn mixed with hay from a stable. I think there is a problem with his extraction or cutting method used to turn it into oil/vape mix.

He uses a heat press to extract and then he cuts it with an alcohol substance and maybe some turpines…

-Could he be using too much heat to extract the THC?

-Is he extracting too long and it is tinging the natural flavors?

-Is there any other issues that could be affecting the taste like this?

The oil does get me slightly high but nothing impressive. Certainly not like many of the other cartridges I've purchased prior.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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corone di brioches al cacao

Ma quanto sono belle queste corone?! Ne avrete viste tante sul web in questo periodo… la ricetta proviene da qui, con qualche piccola modifica.


Per la brioche 
370 gr. di farina 0
44 gr. di zucchero bianco
3 uova + 1 tuorlo per spennellare
63 gr. di latte tiepido
8 gr. di lievito di birra secco
160 gr. di burro a temperatura ambiente
9 gr. di sale fino

Per la farcitura
60 gr. di burro fuso
30 gr di zucchero bianco
30 gr di cacao in polvere
10 gr di miele

La sera

  • versate il lievito nel latte tiepido e fate agire per una decina di minuti.
  • in una ciotola versate la farina, lo zucchero e poi aggiungete le uova e il latte con il lievito (se avete la planetaria utilizzate in questa fase il gancio a foglia) e lavorate fino ad avere un impasto compatto e incordato.
  • aggiungete il burro a pezzetti assicurandovi di far assorbire bene prima di aggiungere nuovi pezzetti di burro (se utilizzate la planetaria sostituite il gancio a foglia con l’uncino). Avrete un impasto liscio, morbido e ben incordato.
  • unite il sale.
  • lavorate brevemente l’impasto su un piano leggermente infarinato e fate le pieghe a 3 (formate un rettangolo e piegate 1/3 dell’impasto fino alla metà e poi la parte rimanente sopra la precedente).
  • fate riposare l’impasto per 1 ora, in una ciotola ricoperta con della pellicola.
  • riprendete l’impasto e ripiegate nuovamente. Ricoprite e lasciate in frigo per tutta la notte

La mattina

  • unite tutti gli ingredienti per la farcitura e mescolate bene. Lasciate da parte
  • riprendete l’impasto, pesatelo, e dividetelo in 4 parti uguali.
  • prendete il primo pezzo (gli altri lasciateli in frigo) e stendete formando un rettangolo 30X20
  • spalmatevi sopra la farcitura e lasciate i bordi liberi.
  • Arrotolate dal lato lungo e formate salsicciotto che dovrete allungare ancora un po’ (48/50 cm circa)
  • dividete il salsicciotto a metà
  • prendete una metà e tagliate per il lungo, lasciate però un paio di cm non tagliati
  • intrecciate e formate la coroncina e sigillate bene i due lati. Posizionate su una teglia rivestita di carta da forno.
  • ripetete l’operazione con i pezzi di impasto rimasti.
  • lasciate lievitare per 2 ore in un luogo riparato (potrebbe essere il forno spento).
  • spennellate con il tuorlo e infornate a 170° per circa 20/25 minuti o finché le brioche saranno dorate in superficie.

Important Info !


There’s a lot happening in the Columbus restaurant world – here’s the latest!

  • A Common Table, a new deli at 3496 N. High St. in Clintonville, the old Pocket Produce space, soft opens today, Feb. 15.
  • Taste of OSU is tonight – Friday, Feb. 15 – at the Ohio Union. Organized every year by the Office of International Affairs, the event features over 40 student organizations showcasing international food and culture.
  • CoreLife Eatery opens their newest central Ohio location – their third so far – today at 17 E. Lane Ave.
  • Following a series of allegations of sexual assault against owner Fred Lee (as detailed in last week’s Columbus Alive), Actual Brewing Company has closed its new Clintonville brewpub for now.
  • Earlier this week, Portia’s Cafe opened a new expansion coffee shop and deli called Portia’s Next Door.
  • Dan the Baker announced he is scaling back on the hours and menu items at the Toast Bar in Grandview. The new hours are Friday-Sunday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and the menu will focus exclusively on their breads and pastries.
  • Kroger abruptly closed their baking facility at 457 Cleveland Ave. this week. No more wonderful smells of baking bread downtown. :/
  • True Food Kitchen announced they will open a location next year in Easton’s upcoming expansion.
  • After 25 years in business, General Tso’s Chinese restaurant at 5227 Godown Rd. on the Northwest Side is closing on Feb. 23.

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